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The promotion of safe driving is one of the SURVIVE Group’s foremost objectives and therefore  high quality safety information and driving tips are made available via this website. The SURVIVE Group places great emphasis on making all roads, and in particular the motorway and high speed dual carriageway network, as safe as possible. Special guidance has been produced if you need to stop on the hard shoulder or in a live lane on a motorway, encouraging better driving behaviour and safe driving.

Driver Location Signs have been added to the motorway network to help drivers to give accurate location information to recovery organisations and the emergency services if they are unfortunate enough to breakdown. A Hard Shoulder Leaflet has been developed to provide guidance on how to ensure you and your family are safe if you breakdown on a motorway.

Highways England has produced guidance on Safer Driving through Roadworks and there are a suite of videos which look at some of the Worst Driving Behaviours on motorways and how to minimise the risk. 

To ensure your journey is as safe as possible the SURVIVE Group recommends that you read the relevant guidance before starting your trip.