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Information for Disabled Drivers

The SURVIVE Group embraces the ethos behind the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 which seeks to improve access to public services for all disabled people. We are fully committed to supporting improved accessibility for disabled people who need and want to use the strategic road network.

In order to develop a programme that represents the priorities and interests of disabled customers, Highways England contacted and consulted organisations representing a diverse range of disabilities. A key message identified that the most important facilities to make more accessible are pavements (including pedestrian crossings); bus stops and emergency roadside telephones.

You can read more about Highways England's accessibility programme in the 'Disability - Accessibility of the Strategic Road Network' publication. This provides more details on the consultation undertaken and the action plan that they are following.

Further information for disabled drivers can be found in the My Way magazine, a magazine designed to help you keep moving and stay safer, regardless of unexpected setbacks. There is also a British Sign Language film to support the magazine and an emergency card to keep in your car for times of need.