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PAS 43: 2018


PAS 43 contains requirements for the management of road recovery operators with the aim of improving health and safety and promoting best practice. PAS 43:2018 is an updated version of the standards which were introduced in 2002 and are amended approximately every 2 years. It retains much of the original content plus contributions from an industry working group consisting of SURVIVE Working Group 2 who oversee PAS 43. There have been a number meetings since the last update was issued in 2015, where the improved content of PAS 43 has been determined, agreed and finalised.

Content of PAS 43

There have been many amendments and enhancements to the original PAS 43 document. Some of these have been as a result of changes to industry regulations and others have been added in the latest addition to improve the scope and application of the specification. There have been multiple minor changes to the document including the revision and update of all the Annexes as well as the clarification and update of certain definitions and terms throughout.

Summary and Future Review

As part of the BSI updating process, PAS 43 will continue to be reviewed and updated as industry standards and regulations are amended; by continuing to involve all of the major stakeholders in the industry it will both represent and remain relevant to the parties for whom it was originally devised.

Those organisations working within the break down and recovery industry are recommended to obtain a copy of PAS 43: 2018 which can be obtained from BSI (http://shop.bsigroup.com/ProductDetail/?pid=000000000030371092.).