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In its continuing drive to improve safety for motorists and roadside operatives, SURVIVE has introduced a new working standard designed to ensure common codes of practice for those working in the vehicle inspection and vehicle repair/servicing industry.

SURVIVE, the partnership between the Highways Agency, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the breakdown and recovery industry and other road service providers, has been working for the last decade to improve the safety of those who work on the road network and the travelling public. 

The newly updated PAS 43 (BSI British Standards' Publicly Available Specification) aims to ensure that all operators, whether large or small, exercise consistency in the way they manage and operate.  Latest practices include the introduction of guidelines on the volume of vehicles inspection bodies should inspect in any one year.  Also to ensure consistency and visibility in the training and assessment of technicians, national occupational standards have been identified as best practice in line with those introduced by Automotive Skills.

Instrumental in delivering these recommendations to the industry PAS 43 has been continually reviewed and updated as industry standards and regulations have been amended and opportunities for improvements identified.  Recommendations adopted to date have included:

  • the type, maintenance and safety markings of the recovery vehicles and their equipment
  • the  training and behaviour of vehicle breakdown and recovery technicians
  • the use of personal protective equipment by vehicle breakdown and recovery technicians
  • the maintenance and organisation of vehicle breakdown and recovery operators' premises
  • the effective implementation and maintenance of standard operating procedures

Allan Mowatt, Chairman of the SURVIVE Executive said, "Not only is SURVIVE making important inroads into improving the safety of those working at the roadside and the motoring public, but PAS 43 has been an extremely effective means of promoting common codes of practice across the industry."

"Vehicles that have broken down carry a high risk of causing danger to their occupants and those that attend them at the roadside.  Such initiatives will help ensure thorough vehicle inspections are carried out and that there is visibility in the training provided to ensure technicians, where ever they are in the country, are being developed to a high standard."

"The considerable - and intensely practical - progress made in the last 10 years demonstrates the continued commitment of the SURVIVE group and we look forward to the next 10 years."

The requirements within PAS 43 have been agreed by the major organisations within the breakdown and recovery industry with valued advice and support from the Highways Agency, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), BSI Technical subcommittee MHE/3/14 and various Government agencies.