Great Roads Great Rides 2


Great Roads Great Rides 2 takes us out on a short ride along the motorway, through a town and then out onto beautiful country roads.

While on this journey, Glenn Julian an advanced rider, gives us a live commentary on what he is reading from his surroundings and how he is reacting to make the ride even better.

Keep Moving


Imagine if you had stopped in that very spot. In these short films Quentin Wilson tries to uncover some of the surprising behaviour that members of the public engage in, on the hard shoulder.

Quentin proceeds to look at the reason why the hard shoulder is for emergency use only and what to do in the event that you do need to use it.

Lane Hog


It is one of the things that irritates drivers the most and so John Stapleton looks into why people do it and what effects it has on the driver hogging the lane and other road users. John goes on patrol with some Highways Agency Traffic Officers in the West Midlands to try and assess how wide spread the problem is and what we, as drivers can do about it.

Close Following


The film studies how close to the person in front some people drive and how close they think is safe, with some surprising results.

If you have ever travelled on a busy, high-speed road you will have noticed, or been involved in, situations where one vehicle is travelling very closely to the vehicle in front.

The Red X


The Red X with flashing red lights, commonly referred to as "Flashing Red X", is one of, if not the, most important sign that you are likely to see on English motorways. Quentin Wilson investigates why this Red X means "Lane Closed", why drivers should not pass under it and what could happen if you do.

Silence is Consent


A jointly sponsored film, it explores attitudes and behaviours and gives a clear message of the need to report all incidents at work.