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Role of Working Group 3


This Working Group is responsible for ensuring that effective communication takes place between the SURVIVE Working Groups, with other interested stakeholders and with the public. A key role of the Working Group is to ensure that the activities and recommendations of the SURVIVE Group are promoted and targeted at the correct audiences.


  • Automobile Association
  • Green Flag / Direct Line Group
  • Highways England
  • National Police Chiefs' Council
  • RAC Motoring Services

Key Issues being addressed by the Working Group

SURVIVE Group Website - This went live on the 26th June 2008 and is regularly updated via the Working Group.  The main focus of the website is to:

  1. Publicise the work of the SURVIVE Group Executive and that of the SURVIVE Working Groups, including Press Releases.
  2. Make available best practice and safety information to the breakdown / recovery industry and to other road workers and users.
  3. Provide the motoring public with easy access to the guidance and advice produced by SURVIVE.
  4. Publicise PAS 43, the SURVIVE Best Practice Guidelines and other SURVIVE initiatives.

Public Relations Programme  - The Working Group has developed a Public Relations programme, with its main focus being the development of the SURVIVE website and publicising the work of the SURVIVE Group, such as the latest publication of PAS 43 and the updated Best Practice Guidelines via a variety of communication media, exhibitions and publications.


Minutes of the SURVIVE Working Group 3 Meetings

To access the minutes of the Working Group 3 meetings, please click on the link below :-



More Information:

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